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Before you ask; yes, I do have an Excel file tracking all of my keg purchases, time-to-finish, and costs.  It is also a safe assumption that I have formulas to automatically calculate the “best valued” beers and pivot tables.

Black Lab Bar Stats, as of 07/05/2011 –

Est. Number of Beers Served: 2,996 (inc. current kegs, since Xmas ’07)

Avg Number of Beers per Day: 2.32  (Down from 2.68, 8/2/09)

Fastest consumed beer (Tie): Berkshire “Gold Spike Ale” (It lasted the week of the Bruins 2009-2010 playoffs), Ipswich “Summer” (lasted the week of Celtics 2009-2010 playoffs), and Berkshire “Steel Rail Pale Ale” #4 (Lasted week of Bruins 2010-2011 Stanley Cup playoffs)

Slowest consumed beer: Gritty McDuff’s “Halloween Ale” (This was just a cast of bad timing – served well past the season and during a time I wasn’t drinking much beer due to allergies)

Most served brewery: Berkshire Brewing Co. (15 kegs, 825 beers)

Fastest consumed brewery: Sierra Nevada (only one keg, the “Anniversary Ale”)

Fastest Consumed Beers:

  1. Berkshire “Gold Spike Ale” (7.9 beers/day)
  2. Berkshire “Steel Rail Pale Ale” #4 (7.9 beers/day)
  3. Ipswich “Summer Ale” (7.9 beers/day)
  4. Smuttynose “Old Brown Dog” #3 (6.1 beers/day)
  5. Berkshire “Lost Sailor IPA” (5.0/day)
  6. Sierra Nevada “Anniversary Ale” (4.2/day)
  7. Wachusett “Green Monster” (3.7/day)
  8. Berkshire “Floor Malt Pale Ale” (3.7/day)
  9. Smuttynose “Old Brown Dog” #1 (3.1/day)
  10. Shipyard “Smashed Pumpkin” (2.8/day)


General Keg Stats:

There are three keg sizes; a half barrel, quarter barrel, and one-sixth barrel.

The 1/2 barrel contains 15.5 gallons, or roughly 160 12-ounce beers. Full, it weighs 161 pounds.

The 1/4 barrel contains 7.75 gallon, or roughly 82 12-ounce beers. It weighs 87 pounds when full.

The 1/6 barrel contains 5.16 gallons, or roughly 55 12-ounce beers. It weighs 58 pounds full.

The Micromatic website has more detail.

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