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Ipswich “Summer”

June 10, 2010 6:11 pm

First, to say they have to work on their naming (read: brand) consistency is an understatement.  The Mercury Brewing Company of Ipswich, MA. makes beer, soda, and mustard.  The beer is branded as “Ipswich Ale” under which they have “Ipswich Summer Ale”, etc.  Is it Mercury Ipswich Ale Summer?  Ipswich Summer?  Regardless, they stick to their day jobs of brewing beer and do a damn fine job at it.  This one is on tap per request of Vogel.

It has a solid “B+” rating on BA and should make a great session beer, especially given it’s low ABV.  Mercury/Ipswich writes:

Ipswich Summer – A light-bodied, unfiltered Blonde ale that retains the bold flavors typical of an Ipswich Ale, our Summer Ale is light enough for a hot summer day and can satisfy even the most scorching thirst.

4.9% ABV
25 IBUs
Availability: Summer

Keg #36
Tapped 6/10/10
Kicked 6/17/10