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Clown Shoe’s “Pecan Pie Porter”

November 23, 2010 10:20 pm

I’ve complained before about Mercury Brewing’s naming convensions and this is another example – apparently Clown Shoes is a series of beers under Mercury Brewing in Ipswich, MA – same as Ipswich Brewing.  BeerAdvocate notes, however, that this series is “Currently contract brewed at Mercury Brewing Company, Inc.” …perhaps their completely independent from Ipswich and Mercury.

I was willing to overlook all this, however, due to the recent launch of this beer and proximity to Thanksgiving weekend – a 4-day period where we’ve been known to crush kegs.  It has a “B+” rating online so I wasn’t too concerned with getting stuck with it, either.  Their other beers are consistently rated “A-” so I’d love to support a kickass new brewery that’s local.

Clown Shoes doesn’t list the beer on their site but BA lists it as a 7.0% ABV American Porter

Kicked 1/16/11.  This was slow to kick, primarily because I was testing a beer allergy-theory and not drinking any beer in the month of December.  It was a fantastic beer, though – really nice, slow drinking beer and I’m glad to see Clown Shoes do well.  An awesome brewery opening in Lexington is second only to an awesome brewery opening in Concord.  I’ll definitely serve this beer again. (A-)