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There’s really no reason for making this site other than it will allow people to keep an eye on what brews are currently on tap (and by “people”, I pretty much mean The Kuhn family).

To add the list of what’s on tap to your Google homepage, just click on this link.  To add it to your Google Reader, just click this link.  To subscribe to any individual categories, just click on the RSS icon (rss) next to the respective category.

Special thanks to TMG and my brother for helping to construct the “man cave”, a huge thanks to Kev (KtB) for his architectural design of the bar and countless hours of questions, and to Lauren for someone allowing it all to happen in the first place.

Why the “Black Lab Bar”? Because “The ATF Bar” seemed inappropriate.  Plus, you say no to this face;

One Response to “About”

Bill Pattison wrote a comment on May 12, 2014

Black Lab Bar ,

My name is Bill and I wanted to introduce myself. I am your new point of contact here at Yelp for the Black Lab Bar business listing.

I tried to call you but could not find a number for your business. Read the information about your business and give me a buzz back.

Here are some metrics I wanted you to look at:

“In the last thirty days, Black Lab Bar has had some great activity on Yelp. Here’s what I mean:

– You appeared in Yelp search results 388 times when people were searching for things like Bars in Concord
– 102 views of your Yelp listing (where people research your business)
– 0 clicks to your website from your Yelp listing by people interested in spending money with you

Over 55% of the US population have “smart” phones such as an iPhone or Android*. A few of those people have the Yelp app and use it. They were checking you out in the last 30 days too!

– 58 views to your listing from smart phones
– 9 directions and map views to get to your business
– 0 phone calls to Black Lab Bar initiated from Yelp’s mobile site or apps
– 0 “check ins” by people broadcasting that they were at your business

That’s some serious interest, and indicates a good chance you’re getting customers from this.

In the same period of time, there were thousands more searches for things like Bars in the area. You can gain more customers by getting in front of these people and setting better expectations through your Yelp listing–we simply connect you (the supply) with our users (the demand).

What is your availability for a phone call this week while at a computer to discuss leveraging your Yelp listing to get more customers?

*According to a July 2013 Nielsen report.

Bill Pattison
Yelp! – Account Executive

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