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Berkshire “Saint of Circumstance IPA”

September 1, 2011 5:28 pm

Apparently there was a business error at BBC that lead to a shortage of hops. While trying to brew some Lost Sailor IPA they came up short with what they needed and ended up with a slightly lighter IPA. Rather than sell it labeled as Lost Sailer IPA and risk people thinking they had changed the recipe they rebranded the light IPA as the “Saint of Circumstance IPA”. It has a “B+” rating online.

ABV of 5.7%.
Tapped: 9/1/11 (for our Fantasy Football draft night)

9/2 Update: We poured a lot from the keg – maybe about 5-6 pitchers in 90 minutes or so – and it poured terrible.  Sometimes the first beer to pour has a large head but this was consistently a thick foam that would monopolize about 90%+ of the pour, as pictured below.  We ended up having to pour into a pitcher just to let it sit for a while in able to pour into our beers.  Tim has already offered to replace the keg but at this point (more than half-way through it) I might just finish it and be weary to buy “new” brews from BBC (who is already slowly falling out of favor with me).