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Geary’s “Hampshire Special Ale”

January 18, 2011 11:54 am

Bad planning on my part – two Special Bitter Ale’s at the same time.  I wrote a bit more about the Gritty’s Halloween but the dilemma remains the same – lots of similar, but good, beer (both have “B+” ratings on BA).  There’s only one solution to this problem.

Update: this took a surprising amount of time to kick, and was the 2nd longest keg (behind the Gritty’s it was paired with).  I’d probably lower my rating of it to a “B-” but would certainly try it again in the future.

Tapped 1/16/11

Kicked 4/26/11

Gritty McDuff’s “Halloween Ale”

11:49 am

I had hoped that the spicing of this beer would be nice as a winter spiced beer – and it sort of works.  My complaint, though, is that it’s just not quite as good as I remember it being (although it has scored a “B+” on BA).  In addition, it’s paired with the (potentially better although quite similar) Geary’s HSA.

Don’t get me wrong, this is certainly a good beer… but not Black Lab Bar good.  Maybe the bitterness was just a bit surprising, having just finished the uber-sweet Clown Shoe’s Pecan Pie Porter.  There are certainly worse scenarios than being “stuck” with a keg of Gritty’s.

Update: this was the first keg we didn’t finish before returning, and we had it on tap for a record-setting 113 days.  It was a quarter barrel, but apparently we simply didn’t drink in any of Q1 (partly because I was experimenting with beer allergies).  This was, nonetheless, the only beer we wanted kicked bad enough to simply return.  Good beer in autumn but completely out of it’s element in April.

Tapped 1/16/11

Kicked 5/9/11 (manually)