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Cisco Brewers “Whales Tale Pale Ale”

September 3, 2010 8:29 am

Per Kev’s suggestion, we’re putting Cisco’s “Whale’s Tale” on tap.  (It’s not ‘Tail”.)  There’s been a lot of people looking forward to this one – I suspect Pete and Jim will have to make guest appearances in the near future for some taste-testing.

Here’s what Cisco says about the beer:

Tasting notes: An amber English-style ale that has a nice balance between hops and malt. It’s the most popular of our beers and the most versatile in terms of pairing with food or people.

Randy’s comment: “Whale’s Tale is brewed with a blend of British and domestic malts and dry-hopped with a kiss of Kent Golding Hops. I love really strong hops but I made this more balanced so [my charming and lovely wife*] Wendy would like it.” *(Author’s note)

About the Name: If you’re not familiar with Nantucket history, you’ll be interested to know that this tiny island was once the Whaling Capital of the World. Knowing a bit of the history of a place can really help put life in perspective, and I like to encourage people to spend part of their time here visiting the Whaling Museum, the Oldest House, and the windmill. Calling our beer “Whale’s Tale” is a little tribute to the whaling era and a way to say hey, whales are people too! Let’s appreciate their contribution to Nantucket’s prosperity.

P.S. “Whale’s Tails Prince of Wales” is also a drinking game that Randy and Wendy played (independently, for they did not yet know one another) in their raucous youth, but that’s another sordid story or two altogether

Keg #40
Tapped 9/2/10 … Huge thanks to Lauren for a 9:58pm run to Colonial to keep the FFL guys from drying out.