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Wachusett “Country Ale”

May 13, 2010 8:27 pm

I had this at Not Your Average Joe’s on Monday night and  need a 2nd keg since we’ve been crushing the BBC Gold Spike Ale.  It’s a solid beer and I’m thinking about making Wachusett Brewery my next brewery to try and serve every one of their beers.

This is an American Pale Ale with 5.0% ABV – so basically we have two great session beers on tap at the moment.  It’s rated a “B” on BA and the brewery writes,

• The best selling ale in Central Massachusetts
• First brewed 1994
• Available year round

Our original brew crafted by Ned, Kevin and Quinny in the early 90’s with super drinkability.
American two row pale with Crystal malts Cascade, Willamette and Cluster hops.

Keg #35
Tapped 5/13/10.
Kicked 6/8/10.

Berkshire Brewing Co. “Gold Spike”

May 7, 2010 3:12 pm

This is it – the last beer made by BBC – excluding their seasonal offerings –  to be served on tap.  I’ve had all ten, plus the Floor Malt Pilsner, which was apparently a one-time offering.  It sounds like the perfect beer for this early-summer we’re having.

Berkshire describes the beer as;

This German Kölsch uses an authentic yeast strain brewed true to style. A pale golden ale, light in body featuring a crisp, clean malt flavor, Gold Spike is the perfect quaff for a warm day. 4.2% v/v, 17 IBU

Tapped 5/7/10.  Kicked 5/14/10 (to become the fastest kicked keg!).

Overall: great beer – I loved it.  It was a nice session beer that was light enough ABV so you could enjoy it without getting into trouble.  Well balanced, refreshing – the perfect summer beer.  I’d certainly order this again and plan to once we finish the rest of the queue.