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Belfast Bay Brewing Co. “Lobster Ale”

April 2, 2010 4:38 pm

I’ve been looking forward to getting this on tap for quite a while now.  It’s taken some work to track down but I finally have a log of Belfast Bay’s “Lobster Ale” on order.  It has a “B” rating on BeerAdvocate which I consider underrated.  Maybe I’m bias since I associate this beer with being on a boat in Maine but who cares, it’s good stuff.  The tap handle (a giant claw) is perhaps my favorite tap handle I’ve seen.

Belfast describes this beer as;

Lobster Ale is a dark copper “Red” ale with medium hop bitterness, flavor and aroma.  It offers the drinker subtle levels fo fruit-ester flavors and low caramel character.  Slight yeast haze and chill haze gives this ale a clear foamy rich head.  Belfast Bay Brewing Co. is near the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia where just about every brewery makes a red ale, unlike in the United States where red ales are not well known.  When my wife suggested that a brewery from Maine should make a beer called Lobster Ale, a red ale seemed to be the perfect brew.  Unlike our highly hopped neighbors beers, we decided to brew Lobster Ale to be very “user friendly”.  We cut down the hops and added slight amounts of black and dark crystal to the brew.  The result is a medium hopped, medium flavored, very drinkable red ale.

Check out their website; (Just make sure to turn your speakers down as their site is not very user-friendly)

Tapped 4/2/10 – Kicked 4/25/10.

This was a great beer – people loved the tap handle (the lobster claw) and the beer just missed the Top 5 fastest consumer beers, which is quite impressive considering the keg didn’t see a significant number of visitors coming by.  I might need to order another keg of it.  It’s a great light-to-medium bodied beer with decent flavor and a nice balance of hops & malt.