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Wachusett “Green Monsta Ale”

April 11, 2009 3:53 pm

green_monsta_beer_picThe first Wachusett keg on tap is a good one, their “Green Monsta Ale”.  It has a “B+” on BeerAdvocate, which seems accurate.  Should be a fast beer.

Wachusett brewery describes it simply as, “A BIG PALE ALE with an awsome balance of Belgian malts with Fuggles and East Kent Golding hops.”

Pair with Shipyard’s 2008 “Brewer’s Choice Brown Ale”.

[Update]: Wow, that went too quickly… third fastest consumed beer.  It was really that good.

Shipyard “Brewer’s Choice Special Ale 2008 (Brown Ale)”

3:47 pm

1233198347_1_ft0_shipyard_brewers_choice_brown_aleThat title is a mouthful.

Surprisingly, BeerAdvocate only had one rating of this beer so far (an “A-“).    Shipyard describes the brewer’s choice series as an annual tradition to try new beers in the market.

On tap 4/11/09, paired with Wachusett’s “Green Monsta”.  Kicked 7/4/09!

I liked this beer but it certainly wasn’t my favorite from Shipyard.  I’d consider putting it on tap but would prefer to put something new on tap, as usual.

Lines Cleaned

1:08 pm

Don’t worry, it’s not the first time I’ve cleaned them… I’m just trying to keep track of how often I actually clean the lines.  If you’re interested, this site has more details on the cleaning process (it’s a pain):

I also have clear beer lines for the sole reason of being able to visually inspect them.  I’ll probably change them out this summer since it’s a cheap fix and I may get a set of soda lines (soda+beer don’t mix) to I could have some root beer on tap.