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Berkshire Brewing Co “Lost Sailor I.P.A.”

March 20, 2009 8:35 pm

BBC's Lost Sailor IPA

BBC's Lost Sailor IPA

We had to purchase this on a whim since Will and I kicked the keg of BBC Imperial Stout while filling the first pitcher.  I’ll never choose an IPA over, well, any other style of beer.  That said, this is one of the better IPA’s I’ve had – it has a very strong hop taste (dry hopped?) but isn’t quite as dry or bitter as other hoppy beers I’ve tried.

I looked it up on Beer Advocate and was glad that it rated a “B+”, which is fairly high for an IPA.  Having consumed a bit tonight, it’s a decent beer that I suspect quite a few people will like but I wouldn’t purchase it again (not that I indended to in the first place).

BBC describes this beer as, “A medium bodied India Pale Ale, dry hopped to provide a very pleasing flora, citrus aroma. Well balanced between malty sweetness and hop bitterness. A very thirst quenching IPA. 5.5%”

This was kicked really quickly, in 11 days. For the most part, there was one Saturday that I had people over and we must have murdered it, since I’ve only pulled about 6 beers from it since. With that, it became the fastest consumed keg at 5.0 beers per day. I quickly learned to live with the hoppyness of this beer, and would probably put it on tap again, maybe even as early as mid-summer.