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Gritty McDuff’s “Vacationland Summer Ale”

June 18, 2008 11:44 am

On tap Wednesday (6/18), thanks to Tim @ Colonial, is a 1/6 1/4(!) of Gritty McDuff’s “Vacationland Summer Ale”.

Gritty says, “You can’t put summer in a bottle, but we may have come close! When the weather gets warm we roll out our summer seasonal, Vacationland Summer Ale. Vacationland is an Extra Special Golden Ale that’s light in color but full-bodied, with a snappy hop finish. A bit of extra time in the conditioning tank rounds out and mellows the ale. We use generous portions of pale malt with just a touch of wheat malt to give VSA unique flavor that’s richer than most summer brews. Cascade leaf hops add a delicate and forward hop character as well. It’s the perfect brew for all things summer.”

Starting Gravity: 1049
Finish: 1012, ABV: 4.9%
Hops: (22 I.B.U.s) Cascade Leaf, Cascade, Saaz
Availability: 6 and 12-packs, 22 oz bottles, mini-kegs and draft,

I had some “Vacationland” up in Maine this past weekend and I’m looking forwards to getting this in. This beer got a [very underrated] B- on BeerAdvocate.

Currently paired with Shipyard Export Ale.  Kicked after 51 days.

Shipyard Brewery “Export Ale”

June 17, 2008 4:43 pm

We just had this in Maine this past weekend.

Shipyard describes this beer as;

“Shipyard Export Ale, the flagship brand of the Shipyard Brewing Company, is a full-bodied ale, with a hint of sweetness up front, a subtle and distinctive hop taste, and a very clean finish. 5.1% alcohol by volume.”

This is another Maine beer we served at our wedding – this one I’ve had several times. I’m glad it’s finally on tap, it’s tough to find in the area.

Currently paired with a 1/4 barrel of Gritty’s Vacationland.

*Kicked 8/1 after 45 days.  Slowest beer consumed yet, not as a reflection of the beer but since we weren’t around much in July to drink or have people over.